Need An Argumentative Essay On Social Policy Of Immunization Of Children In Aust

Need an argumentative essay on Social Policy of Immunization of Children in Australia. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The social policy of immunization of children in Australia is developed to enable health professionals to provide the children with necessary vaccinations for contagious and communicable diseases. The reason for the development of this policy is to make sure that the children lead a healthy life and that which is free from diseases. Due to the contagious diseases, there can be deaths and the health of all the citizens is endangered (McIntyre, et. al 2002). To avoid this threat, immunization is essential for the children. According to the immunization policy, the parents and families of the children that should be immunized should be informed about all the relevant details of the procedure of immunization (Australian Government 2008).

There are many groups and institutions that work for the purpose of immunization and for the welfare of society as a whole. To implement the social policy of immunization, there should be public awareness about the immunization procedure, it’s benefits and it’s after effects (Burgess and McIntyre 2001). All the details that are to be given to public should be given in a comprehensive and understandable manner that appears easy to the people. The child care centers should be in full association with the Department of Health Australia (Lin, et. al 2002).

There are some legal and ethical issues related to the immunization. The families of children who are going to be immunized should consent over the immunization procedure and should decide after knowing about all the details of the whole process. The families of children are fully allowed to ask any kind of questions that they have related to immunization procedure (Department of Education and Children’s Services 2007). The children cannot be immunized without the permission of the families of children, their parents or guardians.&nbsp.

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