Need An Argumentative Essay On Social Work Critically Discuss How Community Deve

Need an argumentative essay on Social work/Critically discuss how community development (i.e. community work and community action) and group work have been used to seek improvements in the social situation of a specific social groups/community. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, United Cerebral Palsy and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) are some of the organizations that provide support to people suffering from cerebral palsy. I had the opportunity to work with a volunteer organization that provides support to people with cerebral palsy. The organization was based in Borough of Havering and funded by the Local Authority. The organization provided services and support to people suffering with the condition to enable them cope with the problem. This essay focuses on community work and, how it relates to older people. The essay also analyzes how the concerned group has benefited from the activities of the group.

According to Alan Twelvetrees (2008), a community is a social element bigger than a family that shares common values and has social solidarity. The study also describes a community as a group of individuals working together to achieve a common goal. Therefore, a community has no geographical limitations, since individuals who share common interests form it. However, geographical factors usually influence formation of a community. For example, individuals suffering from a particular impairment such as, adults with physical disability may come from nearby surroundings. Community members struggling with the same condition nurture a form of attraction or affection that unites them. Community work enables individuals to do things by themselves, which benefit them and the community. Assisting communities to help themselves necessitates paid and non-paid workers. Such workers are employed or work under different community organization as workers or volunteers. Community workers can also be categorized as Social Workers, Education officers, medical workers and church leaders. The main objective of community work is to ensure that people get better deals through shared action, skills development and building of self-esteem

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