Need An Argumentative Essay On Social Work Self Help Group Report Needs To Be

Need an argumentative essay on Social work– Self Help Group Report. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

After graduating from High School we went to different colleges as he wanted to be an architect while I wanted to study medicine. Though our friendship continued, I was dismayed to find that Angelo had suffered a bad setback due to his drinking habit which he had started after he broke up with his girlfriend. Ever since that time he had only gone deeper into the habit which he could not seem to get rid of.

It was a Sunday afternoon on the 7th of September and the time was about 2 pm. When we shifted the listless Angelo to the Alcohol Anonymous Department which was located in the heart of the city of Austin about an hours drive from where we lived. Angelo had a light temperature, was restless and blabbered in his delirium. We had phoned the hospital and they were waiting for us to arrive. On arrival they quickly moved Angelo to a stretcher which they wheeled into an emergency room.

I reassured Angelo’s mother that everything would be fine and while waiting there made an observation of everything around. The first thing that struck me was the sad and anxious faces of parents and loved ones who had accompanied their dear ones here and waited in anticipation for the advice of the doctors and nurses who did their work with such dedication. I was quite familiar with the surroundings because a few years back I had accompanied another friend of mine who had a problem with alcohol abuse but was now over it.

The people at the center were by and large a mixed group of both men and women between the ages of about 16 to 60 years old. Some had accompanied their children while others accompanied their husbands or wives. Most of the crowd present seemed to come from an affluent background but there were also others who came from a much lower social class. A good majority of people came from an ethnic background such as African, Vietnamese and Chinese. Everyone was going out of their way to help one another because

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