Need An Argumentative Essay On Solar And Renewable Power In The Uk Needs To Be 9

Need an argumentative essay on Solar and Renewable Power in the UK. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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The work also provides an overall idea about the consumption of energy in various sectors. According to the information, transport industry is the biggest consumer that accounts for 33% of the total consumption in 1990. It was followed by domestic sector with 28% and industry with 26%. By 2001, there was a rise in energy consumption in transport, domestic and services sectors. To illustrate, in transport and services, the use rose by 1% and in domestic sector, it rose by 2%. Now, when the energy consumption is analysed according to the purpose, it becomes evident that in 1999, 38% of the total energy went to space heating and 22% was used for processes. To light appliances, 12% was used, and 8% of the total energy was consumed by water and lighting/appliances. All other purposes take up one fifth of the total energy. By 2000, there was a rise in the use of electricity for water, space heating and lighting. They rose by 1%, and 2% respectively. On the other hand, the process use declined by 7% (ibid). A look into the UK oil reserve and consumption through the Busby Report (2002) provides a picture that is grim. The country has a mere 0.3% of the global oil reserve. In addition, its oil production had peaked in the year 1999, and by 2010, it tailed off by 54%. Though the nation faced a decline in consumption by 12% in the period, it had to import 15.8% of its oil from other nations (ibid). Thus, it becomes evident that the nation is getting more and more dependent on imported oil.

Similar is the case of natural gas in UK. The UK gas reserve fell considerably from 0.74 trillion cubic meters to 0.66 trillion cube meters between 2000 and 2001. By the year 2010, the reserve is just 0.25 trillion cubic meters. Thus, the nation’s 57.1 billion cubic meters of gas production is far behind its requirement of 93.8 billion cubic meters. As a result, the nation meets 39% of its gas requirement by import (ibid).

Thus, the report points out that as a result of this increased need and decreasing oil and gas reserves, there is a rise in global demand for supplies of coal and oil. As a result, the nation will be forced to reduce its energy consumption by 75% if newer ways are not developed. In order to meet this issue, the article suggests certain solutions. The first one is the increased use of bio-diesel. It is pointed out that producing adequate amount of bio-diesel means utilising 8.5% of the agricultural land in UK for growing rape and beet. Another form of energy is landfill gas.

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