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Need an argumentative essay on Stereotype, Discrimination, or Prejudice. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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The essay “Stereotype, Discrimination, or Prejudice” gives a brief description regarding a discrimination case of Wal-Mart and it’s after effects. Wal-Mart is regarded as one of the biggest chains of retail stores throughout the globe. However, in-spite of having effective management with strong ethical codes of conduct, the company was unable to keep itself detached from issues of conflict between management and employees. Contextually, it has been seen that a few of the female employees depicted themselves as underpaid and under promoted within the organization further violating employment discrimination law. The most widely known example in this regard is the case of Betty Dukes. She reported that the company was restricting her promotion and salary hike owing to gender biasness. This was considered as a serious setback for the women and the minority employees. Several other cases of discrimination emerged where various jury verdicts were overturned and settlements were rejected by prosecution. Among most of the victims, maximum of them has similar situation as of Dukes. It can be viewed that settlements of discrimination related cases were in large numbers which declined significantly after the rise of the Dukes v Wal-Mart case. However, prior to the Dukes case, employee discrimination were still quite common. Among the major examples, the case of Edith Arana and the case of South Carolina factory regarding race discrimination were widely known. The verdict of the court of law was found to be unclear….

However, in most of the mentioned cases, the verdict of the court of law was found to be unclear which raises concern over the validity of the decisions. However, in-spite of certain ambiguity depicted in the results of the Dukes v Wal-Mart case and other litigations, it is often seen that various lawsuits related to employee discrimination got settled resulting in favoring the victim employees. These facets mentioned in the article can further be considered as a tough blow to the people or organizations that practice discrimination in workplace or society (Martin, 2013). 2. Description and Explanation of the Chosen Social Psychological Concept Among the major social psychological concepts in the modern-day society, discrimination can be duly considered as a fundamental aspect. Discrimination can be typically defined as treating people on the basis of their caste, religion, gender, culture, race, age and ethnicity among others. It is often regarded as the worst way of treating people or individuals. Discrimination is often viewed to be a particular practice which works against the aspect of social equality. It is deeply embedded within the modern day society. Mostly the people who have the belief that all people are not equal in the society, gets involved in discriminating others. This aspect is directly associated with the psychological situation of social behaviors of people. This habit of an individual or a group might be directly or indirectly aligned with their culture, attitude and ethnic background among others which eventually generates the feeling of discrimination into their minds. 3.

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