Need An Argumentative Essay On Strategic Issues And Opportunities For Barnes And

Need an argumentative essay on Strategic Issues and Opportunities for Barnes and Noble. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.

By doing this, there is the ability to create a different set of strategies and to manage the business in an alternative manner. Further, this will provide more alternatives to create growth among the company.

The mission of Barnes and Noble is to provide a wide variety of high-quality products within the retail industry. Specifically, there is a need to provide a diverse range of books that aren’t available among competitors. The styles and innovations of selling books are one that is incorporated into the mission statement, specifically with a way of finding different ways to bring more varieties of books to consumers and to offer customer satisfaction by offering diversity among readers who are interested in various genres and forms of writing. The corporation began in 1960 with Leonard Riggio who began to sell books while he was going to college at New York University. As a bookseller, he decided that the services and structure of the college bookstore were inconvenient. The solution that Riggio thought of was to open a competing bookstore that provided more variety and options for students. The initial name of the store was SBX, also known as the Student Book Exchange. By the 1970s, the bookstore was one of the most popular in New York and provided over 150,000 textbooks to students while serving over 600 campuses at a national level (Barnes and Noble, 2010).

The 1980s and 1990s with Barnes and Noble led to one of the most popular times for the company. By this time, the main approach was to offer discount rates of different bookstores and was considered one of the first competitors to offer both varieties within the books offered as well as lower prices to consumers. This also led to expansions throughout the 1980s to different states, which allowed Barnes and Noble to become one of the leading bookstores on a nationwide basis.&nbsp.

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