Need An Argumentative Essay On Strategic Planning And Control Needs To Be 17 Pag

Need an argumentative essay on Strategic Planning and Control. Needs to be 17 pages. Please no plagiarism.

arefully meted plan that makes it possible to forecast their strategic position in the industry within the short to long term basis (Utterback, 2004). In this business report, the planning and control cycle is used to strategically plan and control the future of Mobile Inc for the next five years. As part of the planning and control cycle, there will be the analysis of opportunities, identification of aim, exploration of option, selection of best option, detailed planning, planning of evaluation, planning of implementation, and closure of plan. The report is presented by Huang tianchi, Ma sichao and Lang liang, who are senior research officer, head of marketing, and head of corporate affairs of Mobile Inc respectively.

Mobile Inc is a global communication giant with empowered spirit to reinvent the way in which the world connects and communicates. The company offers communication solutions that put individuals, businesses, organisations and governments on the go with just a click of a mobile icon.

As far as the external business environment is concerned, the company can be said to have its toughest competition. These competitions are better highlighted with Porter’s five forces. The first force that Mobile Inc faces is the threat of new entrants. The mobile phone industry is one that operates a fair market structure, which means that new firms can easily enter the market with very little restrictions (Mallon, 2008). Meanwhile, studying the trend of entry into the mobile phone industry, Nielsen, Nykodym and Brown, (2011) noted that most new entrants come in as existing giants who are very successful in other industries, particularly software development and computer manufacturing. As a result of this, these new entrants come in with very formidable operating capital, posing much competitive threat to existing companies. Given Mobile Inc long years of service to customers however, it is expected that the company will be able to overcome this threat of new

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