Need An Argumentative Essay On Strategies In Teaching L2 Writing Needs To Be 6 P

Need an argumentative essay on Strategies in Teaching L2 Writing. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

There is heightened cognitive interference when these procedures are jumbled with second language processing cognitive mechanisms. The degree of interference varies depending on a student’s proficiency level whereby students with a higher proficiency level have less interference, and the reverse holds true for students with a lower proficiency level. More often than not, L2 learners depend on their L1 writing to gain proficiency in their L2 writing. however, the extent of usage also varies based on the level of proficiency. L2 learners with a high proficiency level rely on their L1 writing skills less due to their heightened L2 knowledge, which in turn gives them the autonomy to sustain the writing process without the risk of a complete breakdown. This is far from the case for lower L2 proficiency learners, a factor that has triggered scholars’ interest in researching teaching strategies designed to help the former develop proficiency despite their drawbacks. These strategies vary among scholars. for example, for Cuming and Uzawa (1989), they included two distinct strategies- “lowering the standard”, and “keeping the standard”. The former allowed instructors to teach L2 writing within a reasonable timeframe while utilizing minimal mental effort. it included strategies such as simplification of syntax, and reduction of information among others. On the other hand, the latter strategy allowed instructors to teach L2 writing by maintaining the standards achieved by learners in L1 writing. it included strategies such as extensive revision (Uzawa, and Cuming, 1989). In contemporary society, technology continues to play a vital role in students’ acquisition of L2 writing. Explored in this essay is the use of technology in teaching L2 writing, impact of the educational environment, teaching strategies used for lower proficiency L2 writing learners, and the effect of peer and

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