Need An Argumentative Essay On Subject Decision Theory Us Mba Course Needs To Be

Need an argumentative essay on Subject Decision Theory (US MBA course). Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Steve put in all his efforts into the running of the business and managed to make it very successful, so much so that by 1980 the total annual sales went up to more than $2 million. However, after that the company underwent a turn. Steve’s son, Jim, joined Blake Electronics in 1984 as a general sales manager.

He had completed high school and had obtained a two year course degree in electronics. Jim was said to be quite aggressive and this quality in him did not change after he joined his father’s company. In fact, his aggressiveness increased. This led to him making deals with companies which the Blake Electronics was not able to complete. Jim would take contracts to provide the supplies to companies without checking out whether Blake Electronics could manage to fulfil the deal. Due to this Blake Electronics had to face certain embarrassing situations.

Still, there was not much harm done yet. By 1988 Jim had started taking government contracts too and two years after that the total sales mounted to greater than $10 million. After that the Company lost the chance of obtaining any more contracts. Jim continued with his behaviour and that led to the government not offering any more contracts to Blake Electronics. This also made the Company lose its reputation and it was termed as an unreliable supplier. Thus, by 1997 there was a great risk of Blake Electronics facing losses.

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