Need An Argumentative Essay On Succesful Marriage Needs To Be 3 Pages Please No

Need an argumentative essay on Succesful Marriage. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Team work as explained by Coontz (2005) is the greatest of the factors to make a marriage successful. Team work involves doing things together and sharing all the details of the couples. It also involves sharing all the decision as well as making decisions together without one going behind the other’s back which in the end lead to lack of trust, fights and ultimate breakup. However, if the couples share all the information including secrets even the most trivial of them all, it means that in any difficulty or misunderstanding which is the likely recipe for divorce, the couples will go through it together as a team. Just like teamwork in workplaces requires contribution of all the parties involved, team work in marriage works in the same way with both partners contributing equally whether it is in time, finances or otherwise. When there are children in the marriage, teamwork is expected in raising them and this means being on the same page regarding curfews, deadlines, allowances and school work.

Trust is the other greatest factor. Trust is different from team work in that without trust, team work is likely to fail, but a couple can last more in marriage with trust only than with team work only without trust. Trust means an in depth believe in one’s partner and especially when they are around people of the opposite sex or away from each other. What destroys most couples is lack of trust which leads to paranoia that the partner is going to leave you for another beautiful or handsome and more financially stable or younger partner. If these doubts and paranoia thoughts start entering the mind of the couples, trust starts crumbling, arguments increase, there is secret surveillance and this is the high road to divorce. Discussing insecurity issues is the best way to trust.

The other most important thing is communication. Communication goes both ways if understanding and

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