Need An Argumentative Essay On Successful Life Needs To Be 3 Pages Please No Pla

Need an argumentative essay on Successful life. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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At my house, we were four children, my parents and more often than not my grandmother would visit. This meant the house was always crowded and somewhat noisy, for me this was annoying and made me eager for college so that I could move out and go be on my own, in quiet. Nonetheless, this attitude transformed when I began college and within the first year I learnt that Mr Raphaels’ wellbeing had spun for worse. I had to make new friends and adapt to new surroundings, this made me miss the familiarity of home. Mr. Raphaels had been admitted to a rehabilitation centre as he had become an alcoholic. It occurred to me that a successful life is not guaranteed by material things and being alone is quite miserable. In my opinion, a successful life is achieved through contentment and fulfillment that are complementary feelings generated from within. whereby contentment implies accepting and appreciating the situation one is in, good health, social ties family being paramount and spirituality. These three things, from an individual viewpoint, allow us to realize success as a constant achievement. First and foremost, success is dependent on social ties because as human beings social connection is a prime need. Social ties allude to the rapport we have with our kin, friends, neighbors and colleagues. We need to maintain fruitful relationships that satisfy that basic need for connection, where we not only seek to keep ourselves happy but also those that are around us. Family is a key factor because they know us best and have supported us throughout our lives, that is, since childhood till presently. Hence, we ought to learn to be appreciative and tolerate them. moreover, the friends we keep are essential in our success as they either lead us to positive outcomes or negative outcomes. One should encircle themselves with people that inspire, support and complement. When we are vulnerable for example because of illness or frustrations from school, we will need someone to support us. As we go about our everyday life, we must treat people with respect and be humble because we are equal as human beings. Besides that, it is important that we adapt a sense of charity towards the less fortunate. Nothing is more rewarding than giving. it brings a sense of fulfillment which is the essence of success, as it breeds contentment. Spirituality, being the second crucial factor that guarantees success, requires that we develop a sense of mastery of ourselves. This implies discovering ourselves with regard to our weaknesses and strengths. As soon as we accept these, we can better our weaknesses and magnify our strengths. Self-mastery becomes significant because we train ourselves to accept that which we cannot change and improve that which we can, all through guidance. This requires that we adapt a different attitude and behavior towards life to this reality. Nevertheless, we should be careful not to develop a bleak perspective towards life. We must have hope, remaining optimistic, as this provides us with a renewed strength whenever we feel overwhelmed by life. Of significance as well, is recognizing that when seeking pleasure we must choose pleasures that are deep and lingering. Not forgetting, having a charitable spirit as this provides a deep rewarding feeling.

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