Need An Argumentative Essay On Summry Needs To Be 1 Pages Please No Plagiarism R

Need an argumentative essay on Summry. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

ratic presidents like Bill Clinton gave more attention to the business sector whereas the only positive gesture Obama expressed towards the business sector was the rescue of the huge union-dominated General Motors and Chrysler.

Obama concentrated more on pulling out the American economy from recession even though he had least concerns on business people. The bureaucratic finance bill was not a Wall Street killer even though the President’s anti-business stand raised many concerns. Moreover, Obama concentrated more on ensuring enormous cash flow to business even though he doesn’t like the business people much. And above all his policies have helped pull the economy out of recession. Obama was keener on tackling big subjects like health care and Wall Street, and he never bothered about publishing the details to others. Fiscal policy is even more uncertain, thanks to Mr Obama’s refusal to produce a credible plan to rein in the deficit. Obama has realized that many entrepreneurs plough money into a new factory when they have no idea about the business principles or what taxes they will eventually be asked to pay. Even then, it is necessary for Obama to put more efforts on the business sector for the revival of American

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