Need An Argumentative Essay On Sunset Grill At Blue Analysis Needs To Be 1 Pages

Need an argumentative essay on Sunset Grill at Blue Analysis. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

igger issue to the management and thus prompted analysis SWOT analysis on Sunset at Blue to identify the exact genesis of the problem (Fitzsimmons & Brordoloi, 2014). To help this organization improve the service delivery and customer satisfaction, the concepts of gap model Gap Model was applied to benefit Sunset at Blue.

The restaurant management was pleased with performance as they realized high customers and sales particularly on its first year of operations and had earned business of the year in the countries of Simcoe and Grey. However, the management had to device a new strategy to combat a problem that was increasingly building up at the restaurant, and could affect the performance in terms of customer satisfaction (Cheng, 2012).

Even though sun set at blue restaurant provided healthy food to customers, the management had a problem of constant long queues of customers especially on Sunday (Fitzsimmons & Brordoloi, 2014). For instance, the servers were only two attending to the customer orders. this could be corrected using Gap model should be applied by the management. This concept entails bridging the gap between consumers in terms of their expectation and management perception that occurs when the management does not correctly perceive the customers want. The fourth in the gap model is directly important in this scenario as it arises between service delivery from the providers and external communication (Reitzel et al., 2014). The gap arises when customer’s expectations are not fully met the time of service delivery as in the case of Sunset at Blue.

Due to inadequacy in terms of enough servers, the management of the Sunset at Blue should hire three more servers to ensure quick attendance to the customers’ orders (Fitzsimmons & Brordoloi, 2014). In addition, the management should provide more seats on at the weighting bay for the customers to feel comfortable as they await their service (Rachel et al, 2013).

Cheng, C. (2012). Service quality

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