Need An Argumentative Essay On Swot Analysis Queens Hospital South Queens Gyn Ob

Need an argumentative essay on SWOT Analysis Queens Hospital, South Queens GYN/OB clinic. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Health then is left to a number of health care providers that can offer appropriate and standard services at a minimum cost. This paper seeks to analyze how a local government supported community based clinic such as the South Queens Community Health Center manages its health services in a multi-cultural neighborhood and what could possibly be done to improve it.

Queens Medical Center is a state-of-the-art medical facility located at 82-68 164th Street Jamaica, New York with 279 (Queens Hospital 2010 statistics) beds giving various health services from Cardiology, Dentistry, Geriatrics/Senior Care, Medicine, Ophthalmology, Pediatric Specialties, Radiology, Surgery, Urology and Victim Services. In response to growing demands on community based health services, the Queens Hospital built three affiliate medical centers wherein one of which is the South Queens Community Health Center.

The role of a community based center is crucial in the continuous delivery of health services and promotion of a health seeking behavior to the people. In the case of South Queens Community Health Center, much is expected and social responsibility is enormous as it serves a community with over 2.2 M population of multi-cultural ethnicity belonging to white American, Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Hispanic (Dept. of Health 2008 Health Indicator).

In health service delivery, availability pertains to multiple factors that ensure convenience of the clients. Availability could be about the schedules, clinic hours, or visiting hours. It could also be the kinds of services offered by the health institution, the staffing, the medical equipment and supplies, or the route and transportation to the health vicinity. In the case of South Queens Community Health Center, availability has been evaluated in all factors presented above.

In 2008, Queens ranked 3rd among the boroughs in New York City with high pregnancy rate aged 15-44 (Dept. of Health. Table 30). Since it was established,

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