Need An Argumentative Essay On Synthesis Deductive Argument Based On Clearly Sta

Need an argumentative essay on : Synthesis. Deductive argument based on clearly stated premises and examples from both 1984 and Crito. by plato. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The final tragedy that befell them does not belittle what they can be believed to have accomplished. The State could overpower them. nevertheless it failed in preventing the message that their death would communicate to the world from reaching those for whom it was intended. In the case of Socrates, the State seemed to be willing to acknowledge that ‘he was a sufferer and not doer of evil. a victim, not of laws, but of the men’ (Jowett 10) but in the case of Winston, O’ Brien clearly tells him that ‘in this place there are no martyrdoms’ (Orwell 319). As a reader goes through 1984, for the time he becomes a contemporary of Winston. Given that Winston is a fictitious character, it is not unreasonable to assume that the measure of his success is the final impact his life has on the reader’s thought process.

Winston thinks that ‘if there is hope it lies in the proles’ (Orwell 69), not only because they were ‘less watched’ but also because they formed the majority of the country’s population. Like Socrates, Orwell uses allegorical imagery in his description of ‘proles’. It is the class of people who, if awakened, could change the existing conditions, but would never do that. It is not unreasonable to infer that a significant social change for the better is not possible unless the majority is enlightened towards rational thinking. The Party understands it. So, everything that bears the slightest connection with thinking or rationality is thrown into the ‘memory hole’ so that ‘even the ashes do not remain’ (Orwell 312).

Socrates intended the same rationality when he favored long, exhaustive hands-off discussions with the Aristocratic youth. He didn’t try to show them ‘the truth’. he instead encouraged them to make an effort to discover the truth from their personal experiences. It is a different thing that neither of the two in this discussion could get the approval of

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