Need An Argumentative Essay On T S Eliot The Waste Land Needs To Be 2 Pages Plea

Need an argumentative essay on T.S Eliot The Waste Land. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

This sad appearance is symbolized by the use of nature where the dried trees with leaves show the sorrow around the people in the city affected.

The contrary to this relation of ideas is that the normal signs of victory or success to the nature are not the real reflectors of success. Good example is the use of the various periods of the year in terms of the weather changes where the spring is making the roots of the shrubs and trees to dry instead of sprouting out. This is the ironical part of this poem which is a symbol real life situation where the expected comes in an opposite way.

The human ability is declared worthless as the little the persona does not result into anything fruitful and this is shown by the writer when he takes the experience of walking on the street in the effort of getting somebody he knows but ends up facing the cruel nature of seeing the destruction caused by the war to the city. The poem also takes us to the sad side of life experience and here is given an example of the prisoners who rarely get an opportunity of meeting the outside world. The door belonging to their prison is rarely opened and if opened on only special occasions. This shows the suffering and negative part of nature and contrary to the human expectation in their entire life situation. The poet also talks about the political suffering of the human race through barbaric leaders in the world who expose death punishment to their subjects. The writer shows the people who are left by the loved ones and lead a very miserable life.

A good show of Albert’s wife whom the writer advises to look smart and change her frustration look due to loneliness of her husband being away in the war. The poem also depicts happy moments in life of human beings when they come together and this is evidenced by Albert’s homecoming where his wife rejoices and prepares a good meal in which the

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