Need An Argumentative Essay On Teaching Diabetes To Youth 15 17 Year Olds Needs

Need an argumentative essay on Teaching Diabetes to Youth 15-17 Year Olds. Needs to be 25 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Mulvaney (2009) pointed out although youth from different ethnic backgrounds learn to take responsibility at an early age, taking responsibility for their diabetes has similar challenges for all youth. This is why it is important for them to have supportive people around.

Type 1 Diabetes can be easier for adults because they are able to give themselves a shot and they have the maturity to understand how and why they should take care of themselves. Youth have challenges managing their diabetes because they need to pay attention to the many steps that are involved in their self-care. Mulvaney suggests the following reasons for inadequate self-care in youth:

In addition, there are many skills that involve self-control As an example, insulin may need to be taken to hear meals and this will mean they will need to plan their meals. Also, one of the major reasons youth do not do their self-care well is because they are unsure of how to deal with their diabetes during social situations.

The purpose of my project was to teach young adults between the ages of 15 and 17 how to manage their diabetes (Type 1-Insulin dependent diabetes) and to make sure that they are getting the proper help and resources where needed. Many young adults have a challenge dealing with diabetes because they have to take care of themselves differently than before they had the disease.

There are a variety of ways to assess students in learning. To assess the learners in this situation we did a pre and post-test. The test was the same test both times, and it was a true/false test that was geared towards the objectives (See Appendix). The questions on the tests were taken from various materials received from diabetic organizations. It was important to provide and test on factual information in order to make sure that students understood what to do.&nbsp.

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