Need An Argumentative Essay On Teaching Plan For Practical Skill And Techniques

Need an argumentative essay on Teaching Plan for Practical Skill and Techniques of Peripheral Intravenous Cannulation. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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This teaching plan shall provide an easy format to help teach medical staff like the nurses, midwives, physicians and surgeons on this procedure. The objectives of this teaching plan are to enable the student to know the devices and equipment used for this particular procedure. While learning, the students should know various parts of the body which are the best insertion sites. The students should also be able to completely do the procedure successfully and be aware of any associated complication and how to handle them. There are several learning theories that have been brought forward, the three main ones are behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism. These theories merely try to explain how we learn. The behaviorist theory focuses mainly on the observable change .To modify people’s attitudes and responses, behaviorists believe that you either change the stimulus conditions in the environment or change what happens after a response happens. Behaviorists generally ignore the internal factors of learning but on the contrary the cognitive learning theorists stress the importance of what goes on within the learner. Cognitive learning allows a student to think critically and gather information to acquire and develop his/her skills. It is therefore important in plan to teach certain skills that a conducive environment is provided to ease understanding of complex procedures. Lastly the constructivism focuses developing one’s learning from personal experiences. This simply applies a teacher must take into consideration the experience of the student thus provide sufficient room for practice either through simulations or with a real patients. Individuals may prefer a particular method of learning or different style and it’s the teacher’s judgment to decide which theory works for his student. The most common method used by many teachers is when students perform the cannulation under the supervision of a competent clinical procedure teaching staff. There are several preferred learning styles by the students may opt one being the practical on an actual patient. In this case the practitioner or teacher must be present and ensure that the student has sound understanding of the procedure and anticipated outcomes. These may be both complications and expected anticipation. The other method could be the use of a simulated environment this can be used especially with students who have high anticipation to lower the pressure of dealing with an actual patient. For such students I would focus on building their psychomotor skills so that they build up confidence and it’s more practical to teach the students in parts. In such an environment the students can discover and learn different methods of performing the skills and also learn to correct errors that they make without fear of harming patients. These students would have enough practice before they can actually perform their first clinical procedure in an actual environment. Another technique that also uses non patients is use of videos from audio visual libraries to give the students a view of “real” patient scenarios. Although it has its disadvantages it also helps especially by filling the gap when real patients are not available. Similarly models may be used in teaching procedures like the intravenous cannullae insertion.

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