Need An Argumentative Essay On Teaching Recovery With Heart And Soul Needs To Be

Need an argumentative essay on Teaching recovery with heart and soul. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

According to Galanter Mark (Psychiatry professor) (2005) , “addiction normally occurs because alcohol or the drugs abused may provide a feeling of temporary relief from their emotional problems but this always results in bigger problems for the affected individuals”(33). Individuals undergoing recovery may occasionally be faced with the challenge of how to deal with their feelings and emotions. Consciousness based heart and soul education is particularly important in helping the affected students develop their self and personality. Many experts suggest that a combination of the traditional addiction recovery teaching with heart and soul teaching approach can effectively improve the recovery of the affected students while at the same time strengthening their spiritual thereby enhancing their chance of full recovery. However, the use of heart and soul as a teaching approach in schools has always been contentious. Although critics of the approach often equate spiritual teaching with imposing religion to the students, spirituality does not always mean following a particular set of beliefs or religious doctrines. Contrary to what many believe, spirituality does not always mean following a particular set of beliefs or religious doctrines. Contrary to what many believe, spirituality does not always mean following a particular set of beliefs or religious doctrines. The theory behind heart and soul approach is that involving a higher power or God to the life of an individual will help fill the spiritual void and consequently remove the need for their addictive behavior. ParkerJ. Parker (educator) (2003) suggested that there are a number of ways through which teachers can effectively explore the spiritual dimensions of teaching to improve the emotional sobriety of students particularly those under recovery from substance abuse. 1.1. Statement of the Problem Substance abuse in the United States continues to claim many lives with approximately 125,000 lives being lost due to alcohol abuse. In most affected individuals, alcoholism and addictive substance use often culminate into intense feelings of lack of purpose in life, alienation, loneliness and helplessness. Although alcohol or drug dependence occurs as a result of a complex interaction of cultural, biological, psychological and spiritual factors, most of the contemporary treatment modalities are only psychosocial in nature. “The contemporary educational system has little provisions for enhancing and encouraging students to explore their spirituality and feel their connection to their surrounding” (Parker,&nbsp.2003, p.47. However, numerous researches have revealed that improved spirituality can make students healthier, happier and intellectually aroused because they begin to feel themselves as part of a higher power. One of the best ways to help addicts achieve emotional sobriety is to employ heart and soul teaching approaches. According to Ringwald, Charles (2008(psychologist), “meditation techniques such as mindfulness have proven effective in overcoming emotional problems by encouraging recovery individuals to explore their inner strength and ability when dealing with emotional situations” (44). Additionally, to ensure the effectiveness of spiritual education for addicts under recovery, it is important to find a heart and soul treatment option that embraces ones religious beliefs. For example, an individual who embraces Christian doctrines is more likely to benefit from a bible based heart and soul recovery program. However, the use of spirituality approach in addiction recovery is not an entirely new concept. 1.2.

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