Need An Argumentative Essay On Technology And Children Needs To Be 2 Pages Pleas

Need an argumentative essay on Technology and Children. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

involves preparation of the lessons on a computer, teaching the children from the same screen with comfort, taking exams and record keeping on the progress of the children from their tests (Lindsay Daugherty, 2015). In addition note that the teachers are constantly monitoring the use of the media and controls the use. For example to limit the total time exposure behind the computer screen, the teacher will ensure constant breaks and involvement with other activities off the computer and other aids.

To the parents who have children that have a disability that require special needs, there is a program apart the traditional system of education that that works well with them. Computer-based technologies have enhanced ability to participate fully in the classroom environment. The ability to undertake training as the other children do is their right and the government played their part in introducing technology learning. The technology has broadened the range of educational activities so that the needs of children with gentle learning disorders are covered. It has also enhanced the activeness of those students with severe disorders through adaptive technology along with those that have no disability in the classroom (Lindsay Daugherty, 2015).

Computer technology plays a vital role in the promotion of education of the infants have the need that require particular attention within the classroom. Using a computer such as in word processing, communication, researching, and performing of the multimedia projects helps more students through learning and emotional disorders to be at the par with their fellow students. Development of the sophisticated devices in computer technology has assisted a bigger number of pupils with more complicated disorders to overcome extensive limitations that obstruct them from classroom participation (Lindsay Daugherty, 2015).

Training the teachers and those that are mandated to offer this education to be well equipped with this computer

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