Need An Argumentative Essay On Terrorism And The News Media Needs To Be 14 Pages

Need an argumentative essay on Terrorism and the News Media. Needs to be 14 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The UK government, considering the enormity of the previous terror attacks and potential threats has developed extensive plans and framed regulations to fight terror.

The claims made by the news media and the politicians that the world is becoming more and more unsafe due to terrorist activities cannot be refuted. With a spate of terrorist activities since the last ten years, with the American tragedy of the twin towers, the gruesome subway bombing in London and the recent Mumbai massacre being some of the ugliest terror strikes, common people can hardly think otherwise. The sophistication of the 21st century terrorism in terms of weapons, training, logistic support and strategy planning has made it a deadly game of mass destruction. It is alarming how the agents of terror spare not even children leave aside civilians. They target common innocent people to cause maximum casualty. The past records show that the terrorists aim their strike at business and entertainment hub which also indicate that killing people is not the only motive but there is a hidden agenda and that is to bring a blow to the economy and stability of the nation. It is pretty evident that an international terror nexus is operative establishing terror modules and sleeper cells across the world and in different nations. There is huge cash flow from the underworlds which is another reason to worry. Hackers and cyber criminals have joined in and given terrorism a new and fatal dimension. With this kind of an agenda and ruthless mentality there is no stopping them from wrecking havoc worldwide unless some very strong measures are adopted and successfully implemented.

It does not remain for the news media and the politicians to pronounce the threats to humankind and to the environment of peace caused by terrorism. Terrorism is no longer a distant fear but fear that accompanies one at every step of one’s daily life. The

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