Need An Argumentative Essay On Textbook Brinkley World War Ii Chapters 25 26 Nee

Need an argumentative essay on TEXTBOOK-Brinkley World War II chapters 25-26. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Among these invasions were. the military attacks on Poland by the Germans, the attack of China by the Japanese military. These invasions were majorly as a result of the undesirable decisions that were made by dictatorial leadership in Japan and Germany.

For a period of two years, the United States took a neutral position in the ongoing global military conflicts that majorly occurred among Japan, Italy as well as the Germans. During this period the government of the United States of America under the guidance of the then President Franklin Roosevelt signed a program that would guide it to supply military weapons to the Free France, Britain, Russia (Soviet Union) and Italy which were its allies (Brinkley 692).

The program was known as the Land Lease and it was implemented one and a half a year after the beginning of the Second World War. During this period, the United States of America also supplied other forms of aid to these nations, for instance. military personnel to take the position of the British forces that invaded Iceland.

The first reason that led to the engagement of the United States of America in the world war two was the action taken by the Japanese military to advance in to China and the French Indochina. This angered the United States, Netherlands and the Great Britain which decided to cut off the supply of oil products to the Japanese military. This led to the halt of most of Japanese military weapons. however, Japan remained adamant and even suggested that they were ready for a war with the United States of America, an action that created tension between US and Japan (Brinkley 693).

After Japan declared that it was ready for a war with the United States, it went ahead a carried an invasion on the United States’ navy that was stationed at Pearl Harbor. This attack was planned by the Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto who believed that the most effective way to defeat the powerful United States Military forces

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