Need An Argumentative Essay On The Bluest Eye Toni Morrison Needs To Be 5 Pages

Need an argumentative essay on The Bluest Eye Toni Morrison. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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This essay analyzes that the color naturalism has been extensively portrayed in the Bluest Eyes, it has been determined that gazes and the gazes of white are superior to others. “The color naturalism in the novel has been illustrated with the backdrop of loss conventional or semiotic. Color becomes an embellishment, a way of achieving naturalistic effects, of recapturing the world as it appears to the eye”. Pecola has been degraded in the society because she does not fit into the white gaze. This eventually leads her to believe that the desire to attain whit lifestyle and white culture is to attain by having blue eyes. It has been evident from the text that the different flowers and colors have been used to symbolize the beauty and structure the black race and white race, through developing superiority and inferiority among the people. Analyzing the various scenarios in the text, it is observed that the author has often symbolized ‘dandelion’ to represent the African American Women. Morrison also describes the women as ‘wild dandelion stems’ specifically commenting the dressing patterns as ‘wild roses sprinkled over it’. This shows that the author has made use of natural flowers to represent the African Americans and white Americans. It has been noted that the black American has been symbolized with the dirtiness and lower class flowers. In addition, the life style and the white culture has been described as the vibrant and more classy as “the big white house with the wheelbarrow, full of flowers”.

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