Need An Argumentative Essay On The Challenges Faced In Changing Oral Health Beha

Need an argumentative essay on The Challenges Faced in Changing Oral Health Behaviour in Adults. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Hence, if the physical health of a person is to be improved, then it is necessary to modify his habitual behaviour pattern which is related to his physical health. As this fact is applicable even to the oral health of a person, modifying the oral health related behaviour of a person is important if his health is to be maintained or improved. It has been proved that the behaviour patterns of a person influence his health to a great extent. Hence, NHS (UK) has designed different health programmes in order to reduce the prevalence of oral health problems and diseases in the country. However, NHS has realized that it is not as easy as it seems. The behaviour of a person is not a shallow thing but is rooted deeply in the thought process that is ingrained right from his childhood. This makes it difficult to change the behaviour pattern of a person. Also, the cultural basis of the health related concepts of people are proving to be a great challenge in changing the oral health behaviour in adults. Hence, if the health reform in dental care is to be brought in the UK, then the health professionals need to understand that as cultural beliefs and values of the patients lie at the core of their health behaviour, the behaviour modification can be achieved only when the patients are provided with behaviour substitute that is compatible to their health related cultural beliefs. Challenges As the behaviour of a person is a combination of mental, emotional and cultural aspects of his being, changing the behaviour is not an easy thing. This has created a strong challenge for dental health services. The oral health of a person depends a lot on the dental care behaviour. That is, the oral care habits of a person are strongly responsible for his oral health. Hence, to reduce the prevalence of dental health problems and diseases in the population, it is important to change the oral health behaviour patterns of people. However, there are many challenges of psychological and emotional nature that are creating an obstacle in achieving the goal of modification in oral health behaviour of adults. The challenges are discussed below. Concept of Health The first challenge is the ‘concept of health’. The concept of ‘good health’ depends on people’s cultural and ethnic background. Hence, people from different societies and different cultural groups have different concepts about what comprises of ‘good health.’ Moreover, the concepts also differ on the basis of social class. For example, working people focus on physical ability and stamina as ‘good health’ while middle class people consider the mental, emotional and psychological well-being as ‘good health’. In case of oral health, it is on the basis of these concepts that their oral habits are formed. Hence, it becomes challenging to convince these groups of people to change their oral health behaviours as it might not be compatible with their concepts. Hence, the idea of ‘good health’ by common people may differ a lot from idea of ‘good health’ by health professionals. For example, regular oral check up is considered very important by health professionals and hence, is highly recommended. However, it is not considered important by common people. Moreover, most of the times, lack of healthy lifestyle in people is a result of lack of money. Sadly, the research statistics show that the percentage of social factors contributing to the health of an individual is 50%.

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