Need An Argumentative Essay On The Challenges Of Delivering A Holistic Approach

Need an argumentative essay on The challenges of delivering a holistic approach to rehabilitating motor skills following a frontal lobe injury. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism.

It will first discuss the impact and pathophysiological elements relating to frontal lobe injuries. Secondly, the rehabilitative process will be presented, followed by a discussion on the challenges faced in frontal lobe problems. Finally, this essay will conclude with possible recommendations for better rehabilitative processes for affected patients.

The frontal lobe of the brain generally represents a large mass and area (Lux, 2007). It comprises the cerebral system of the brain, which mostly provides a structure for goal-directed activities and behaviour (Badre and D’Esposito, 2009). It is often considered as the part of the brain which manages decision-making and which determines the impact of various actions. As it is found at the anterior part of the brain, it is also vulnerable to various injuries and trauma. After an individual’s frontal lobe is injured, one’s decision making processes may be compromised (Kim,, 2009). Damage to the frontal lobe can also lead to irritability, often manifesting as a change in the mood or the failure to balance or regulate behaviour (Lux, 2007). Injury to the frontal lobe can also cause problems in executive functioning, including anticipation, planning, goal selection, initiation, sequencing, and self-correction (Lezak, 1989). In the case of railroad worker Phineas Gage, his left frontal lobe was injured by a large iron rod and through such injury, he manifested animal propensities. he was irreverent and indulging at times. and he was also impatient and obstinate (MacMillan and Lena, 2010). These qualities were very much in contrast to his personality before he suffered the injury.

Patients suffering from damaged frontal lobes often indicate memory loss, with some losses being greater than others (Kane and Engle, 2002). The working memory seems to be affected the most in these injuries with the person’s ability to maintain attention or manage goals being affected

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