Need An Argumentative Essay On The Challenges Of Living In A Foreign Land And Sp

Need an argumentative essay on The Challenges of Living in a Foreign Land and Speaking New Language. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism.

I can still remember vividly the moment when the aeroplane I travelled in taken off from the airport. As the plane took off, I had mixed feelings of curiosity and anxiety. I was curious because I was looking forward to beginning my adventure in America, and, on the other hand, I was anxious because of the challenge of living in a new culture and speaking a foreign language. the feeling of anxiety made me feel like jumping off the plane and going back home. When the flight attendant came round with some cold beverages, I was in deep emotions and felt like crying, but I forced myself to smile so as to create the impression that I was okay. I asked the flight attendant to give me a Coca-Cola drink because Coca-Cola was the only name of cold beverage that I knew in English. The freight attendant seemed quite friendly and upon giving me the Coca-Cola drink she started talking to me in English, but, unfortunately, I did not understand what she was saying to me. This incident made me start imagining how it would be difficult to live in America without being able to communicate in English well. When we arrived in America and my consultant left me in the dorm, I felt so anxious and hopeless. For the first two days in America, I wasn’t feeling so bad, but after the two days, I was overcome with homesickness and I started crying. Homesickness made me feel completely heart-broken. Some of my colleagues, the students, tried to console me and to reassure me that all will be well, but all their efforts to console me were fruitless.

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