Need An Argumentative Essay On The Concept Of Bureaucracy Needs To Be 5 Pages Pl

Need an argumentative essay on The Concept of Bureaucracy. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The model is significantly concerned with the notion of complying conventional bureaucracy rather than how it should be adopted along with executed in an effective manner (Stillman, 54-63).

This paper tends to focus on presenting an empirical view of Weber’s bureaucracy model surrounding the case of “How Kristin Died” which prepared by George Lardner, Jr. The prime intention of this essay would be critically discussing the complications of bureaucracy through using the case of Kristin who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend named Michael Cartier with depicting relevant arguments along with counter-arguments.

With regard to public administration along with social science background, the term bureaucracy defines various inconvenient or bothersome features that possess by the contemporary organizations. According to the empirical view of Weber’s bureaucracy model within social and administrative context, the term generally denotes the similarity of fundamental or formal structural components with the essential constituents of the governmental institutions. Moreover, the Weber’s concept of bureaucracy incorporates six major principles that directly reflect the nature of mechanistic structure. These principles involve management by rule, organizational formal hierarchy, promoting functional specialty, in-focused mission, impersonality and employment through determining the technical capability of the individuals (Stillman 54-63). With reference to the case scenario, the death of Kristin can be duly considered as an unfortunate and a disgraceful event which reflects an essential learning regarding the role of public administration. In relation to the case of “How Kristin Died”, inherent issues concerning the organizational design and how the event turned into awful implication for the guiltless victim can be reflected upon. The case precisely illustrated about the murder of Kristin along with the difficulties faced by her

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