Need An Argumentative Essay On The Constitutional Framers Needs To Be 6 Pages Pl

Need an argumentative essay on The Constitutional Framers. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

In his statement Jefferson compared the government to a newspaper. he stated that he preferred a newspaper without government to a government without a newspaper. This philosophy was directed towards the American constitution, the confederation act and the declaration of independence in America. The revolutionaries set a system which was too weak to accomplish the set objectives in the country. A clear analysis of their approach could define the motives which lay behind the poor system. They were basically on a quest to defend their wealth against federal interference.

Major sectors of the country’s economy were rendered helpless by this group of people who argued that they were acting in the interest of the many. Jefferson states that a man is a rational being endowed with a sense of judgment and hence able to distinguish what is wrong and right. This is a sign that the revolutionaries were concretely aware of their undertakings. they were acting on matters which were clearly established from their inner personalities.

The closing of the revolutionary era paved a way to another class of thinkers who insisted on a different aspect. At independence, the core objectives were to maintain the societal order, settling the public debt, the establishment of a sound financial system and installing mechanism which could spur the growth of the economy in the country. These categories of individuals were not founding their techniques on philosophy as they were basically businessmen and individual property owners in the country.

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