Need An Argumentative Essay On The Endings Of The Films Needs To Be 2 Pages Plea

Need an argumentative essay on The endings of the films. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

However, her colleagues had been threatened to be sacked in case they failed to do so. Sandra decided to approach each one of them to secure her fate. Most of her friends’ preferred the bonus, but through her suffering and emotional character, she managed to secure her job.

The plot is about a troubled abandoned teenage boy by the name Cyril who was left by his father and was later forced to live in a foster home. After escaping from the house to look for his father and his lost bicycle, he coincidentally manhandles a young woman by the name Samanatha. Samanatha later discovers the boy was emotionally disturbed due to lack of parental love. She decides to care for him and even help him locate his father. but after finding him, his biological father rejects him.

Faced by disbelief, Cyril cries uncontrollably showing different emotions like anger, emotional imbalance and total muteness. Samantha carried away by his troubles, decided to help him both emotionally and psychologically, despite numerous betrayal from Cyril. Cyril at different points neglected her and joined a gang group where he robbed a certain father and his son some money. They later avenged the incidence and nearly killed Cyril. Cyril with emotional guidance he got form Samantha, takes his bike and walks away without doing anything to them.

There is no satisfying resolution between the two endings. In Two days, one night. Sandra worn the case by securing her job but her boss did not want her back. Her boss blackmailed her colleagues in order to sack her from work. In The kid with a bike, Cyril never died and even though there were suspicions to bury his whereabouts, he decided not to revenge and went away.

In the two movies, the lead casts found themselves in involuntary situations where they are abandoned and left on their own, despite their psychological challenges. It shows how people suffer for the problems they found themselves in. The two lead casts are

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