Need An Argumentative Essay On The Events Of 9 11 Needs To Be 7 Pages Please No

Need an argumentative essay on The events of 9/11. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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and in New York City and more than 400 law enforcers and fire fighters were killed. Thesis statement The chronology of events on the attacks that were conducted in the US soil on September 11, 2001 and the aftermath of the events are the main areas of discussion in this essay. Events of 9/11 It was in the morning at around 7:59 am when a Boeing 767 (an American Airlines Flight 11), which had 92 people on board took off from the Boston’s Logan International Airport headed to Los Angeles. At around 8:14am, it is reported that a Boeing 767 of the US Airlines Flight 175 which had 65 people on board also took off from Boston headed to Los Angeles (A&amp.E Television Networks, 2013). Five minutes later, the Flight attendants aboard Flight 11 alerted the ground person about the hijacking of the plane and the FBI were notified about the same by the American Airliners. A Boeing 757 which had 64 people on board and headed to Los Angeles took off from Dulles International Airport which is outside Washington D.C. at around 8:20 am. At around 8:24 am, Mohammed Atta who was one of the hijackers made the first two accidental transmissions from Flight 11 to the ground control trying to communicate with the planes cabin. At around 8:40 am, the FAA alerted NEADS and NORADS about the hijacking of Flight 11. Unfortunately, after NEADS scrambled the two fighter planes at Cape Cods Otis Air National Guard Base in order to locate and trail Flight 11, the Boeing 757 crashed on the North Tower before they were on air (A&amp.E Television Networks, 2013). At 8:41am it was reported that the Boeing 757 (a United Airlines Flight 93), took off from Newark global Airport and it had 44 people on board. This was the time around the other hijacked flights. The Flight 11 is reported to crash into the 93-99 floors of the North Tower of the World Trade Centre at around 8:46 am killing everyone on board and hundreds of other people in the building. After a few seconds, NYPB and FDNY forces dispatched units to the World Trade Centre and immediate evacuation was started by the (Port) authority control division officers who were on the site. At 8:50 am, President George W. Bush who was visiting an elementally school at Sarasota (Florida) was alerted about the attack on the WTC by the White House boss, Andrew Card. The Port Authority announced the evacuation of the people from the South tower of the World Trade centre at around 9:02 am where more than 11000 people were on the process of evacuation. It is reported that 1 minute after the announcement, the United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into 75-85 floors of the South Tower of the World Trade Centre killing everyone on board and hundreds of people in the building. At 9.08 am, a ban was put on all takeoffs of flights going to New York City or the air space around the city by FAA. All tunnels and bridges were closed by the Port Authority around the New York City area at around 9:21 am whereas NEADS were informed about the suspected hijacking of Flight 77 by the FAA at 9:24 am. This was after the crew aboard and some passengers were able to inform the family members on the ground.

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