Need An Argumentative Essay On The Evolutionary Concept Needs To Be 3 Pages Plea

Need an argumentative essay on The Evolutionary Concept. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Illustration Evolution is a process which has been happening, since time immemorial. Individuals in the past tried coming up with assorted meanings to describe the process of evolution, but few successful in this endeavor. Naturalist invented various hypotheses describing the origin and course of evolution. Among the naturalist were Aristotle, Anaximander and Empedocles. They came up with contradicting theories regarding how evolution was in existence. One train of thought by researchers states that evolution is a process that involves a change in inheritable traits. Evolution involves diversification of the gene structure from the parents to the offspring. The evolution concept is influenced by several factors leading to changes in the gene composition of a living life form. The factors are mutation, sex gene and the usual selection (Mayr, 83). 1 This refers to change in the configuration of agene. The change in the structure of the gene is permanent and can not be modified. The change is due to the alteration of the structure of the amino acids present in the gene. 2 Sex gene refers to the genes that are responsible for the sexual attributes of an organism. The sex genes contain the chromosomes that are responsible for transition with each other leading tot development of new life forms or species. 3 Natural selection refers to the gradual process of composition of biological traits to one side of the gene molecule. Natural selection brings about the observable characteristic noticeable in an organism. The gradual composition of a trait is brought about by the connections of the genome and the surroundings of a living life form. To build a fire by Jack London is a perfect example of the evolution notion since it blends evolutionary concepts from both Darwin’s and spencer’s hypotheses. Evolutionary theory from the naturalist’s side proves that the evolution process required a keen interest on the environment rather than intelligence of the survival. To build a fire by Jack London is a reading that shares the same ideologies with the naturalist. Secondly, The Call of the Wild by Jack London shows how a dog transforms with time, but an analogy of how human beings deals with the own primordial advises. The story relates to the evolutionary concepts since London uses themes from evolutionary concept in his work. He narrates the process of educating the populace who are protagonists to learning new ways. The story compares the change in individual characters on adapting to new ways to the slow but sure process of evolution. Thirdly, The French Lieutenant’s Woman by John Fowles relates to the Darwinian theory of mysterious coloration of the importance of blending. It is a story of a man frayed between choosing from his tradition, and the attraction amid unusual woman representing both social and human attraction. Darwinian Theory demonstrates that for one to achieve something, one should strongly support his ways and reconcile evolution with ones interest. Classification Classification refers to ways of grouping the evolution process. The evolutionary classification involves hypothesis testing, distinctive characteristics and classifying the organisms. Evolutionary classification is a process that can be related to various readings. Angels and Insects by Morpho Eugenia relate to Darwin hypothesis of evolution.

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