Need An Argumentative Essay On The Fortunes And Misfortunes Of The Famous Moll F

Need an argumentative essay on The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders/Oliver Twist. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

She is the child of a convicted felon who is ostracized on society for being born with “bad roots”. She is the orphan child forced to live in the harsh realities of an urbanized world. She is the woman forced into a life of crime in order to fend for herself. Moll Flanders’ life questions the capability of man to uphold absolutist Christian values when their need for survival is much more pressing. It is a critic of the ethics governing the business world, where profit is the foremost goal (and could sometimes lead to the exploitation of poor citizens).

A memorable episode in Moll Flanders is that which was described in section 4 where she became a mistress to a gentleman. Here, Moll experienced a bit of happiness because the gentleman was also her friend, and by this man, she had several children. However, he had to leave Moll and their children because of a religious experience in which he found himself “at the very brink of Eternity” (Defoe). This is an important section mainly because it starts a debate of morality: was it moral to leave your own children and cause them to live without a father?

For me, this situation still happens at present times – men with mistresses still leave their “second families” because they feel that it is immoral. But then again, I feel that when this happens, then it is the children which suffer. Relating it to the times, it seems that the absolutist Christianity espoused at the time had its own pitfalls. It can be regarded as unjust because it did not consider the wellbeing of those who are innocent.

Stephen Duck is known for his rags-to-riches story, thanks to the favor he received from Queen Caroline (Goodridge 2006). His poem, The Thresher’s Labour looks at the hardships of threshers and the working class in general. It talks about the cycle of plants and the kind of labor required for the particular seasons. It talks describes sweat and how it can be used as

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