Need An Argumentative Essay On The Future Of Haute Couture Needs To Be 4 Pages P

Need an argumentative essay on The future of haute couture. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Sull and Turconi (2008), for example, identified one particular pattern, which is the recent focus of fashion houses to implement the so-called fast fashion, a concept typified by democratized fashion. There is a growing literature on emerging influences, studies offering empirical and theoretical evidences, that could collectively help identify future trends and practices. This researcher believes that it is possible to gain insight on the future of haute couture based on a description and analysis of what has been found today and what are expected in the near future. By identifying current and future variables that influence fashion, meaningful insights will be obtained.

The body of literature on haute couture is comprehensive. There are several studies that could serve to demonstrate specific relevance to this research. A case in point is the investigation of Joy et al. (2012), which reported the role of sustainability and ethics in haute couture. These variables are recent phenomenon that emerged with the recent attention given to sustainability, climate change and environmental issues. There is also Claudios research on the environmental impact of the clothing industry. While it evaluated the environmental footprint of the clothing industry, the study also highlighted increasing concern for sustainability and the focus on lessening environmental damage. This researcher also intends to examine works (i.e. Magnenat-Thalmann & Volino, 2005) that detail the processes in high-fashion such as design and marketing.

The study’s outcomes are expected to benefit researchers, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, academics and others who are interested in the subject. The primary importance is based on the projected outlook that could help identify trends and practices or launch new design, marketing, management and operational philosophies in the haute couture

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