Need An Argumentative Essay On The Gradual Transformation Of Computers And The T

Need an argumentative essay on The Gradual Transformation of Computers and the Technical Aspect of the Development. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Though the Greek had invented numerous mathematical theorems and formulae they could do nothing about helping human beings in solving those problems. Men had to still write with their hands and count with their fingers while solving those complicated and often almost unintelligible problems. The Chinese had however invented the abacus that helped a lot in carrying out lengthy addition subtraction problems. Those who were experts in abacus could also perform complicated multiplications and simple divisions with the help of abacus. Still, it was not automated by any chance as human intervention and logic was necessary at every stage to get the correct results using an abacus. The biggest drawback of non-automated mathematical calculations was not the enormous amounts of time that were necessary to carry out the calculations manually but the need for other personnel to check the correctness of the calculation done by the first person. This duplication of work was the greatest drawback of manual calculations, not the time it took to complete them manually because, with practice, mathematicians engaged in the repetitive type of calculations developed uncanny abilities to complete calculations in much lesser time than others who were not that much exposed to those types of calculation. But the underlying doubt about the correctness of the results thus obtained always necessitated the employment of redundant workforce that did not add any further value but only ensured that the figures arrived at by the first person is correct.

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