Need An Argumentative Essay On The History Of Surgery Needs To Be 3 Pages Please

Need an argumentative essay on The history of surgery. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

In ancient Greece, surgery was also performed in different ways. The Greek developed various tools and equipment that they used during their surgery processes. This was owing to the fact that they had an easy access to materials such as Iron. The Greek performed various surgeries in order to cure patients from different health complications. For instance, the Greek would undertake different forms of amputations on people. They would also drain the lungs of people, in case these suffered from pneumonia. In addition, the Greek bleed their patients, as well as set the patients’ bones. These processes can be considered to crude today. However, the Greek only turned to surgery as the last resort in order to save the lives of their patients.

In the middle ages, the Arabs the Arabs based on the medicinal practices of the Greek in order to develop their own medicine. Nonetheless, this helped the Arabs to become supreme physicians during this age. For this reason, Baghdad was rose to become leading medical and drug centre in the whole world. The Arabs contributed highly to the aspect of drug making. They also used various plants that were believed to have medicinal value. With regard to surgery, the Arabs utilized specific medicinal plants, which had the capability of acting as anaesthetics during the process of surgery. For all patients that were to undergo surgical processes, the Arabs ensured to make them drink anaesthetic mixtures using the anaesthetic sponges. There were diverse procedures in the surgery process in the Arab world. For instance, the Arabs administered sedatives on patients before having them operated. In addition, for those patients that were to undergo amputation, the Arabs offered them to drink different types of mixtures that acted as sleeping

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