Need An Argumentative Essay On The Importance Of Creativity In Children S Develo

Need an argumentative essay on The importance of creativity in children’s development. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

This building process is an ongoing, continuous and dynamic process. The progress is a directional step towards increasing autonomy of an individual from dependency. These transformational changes are strongly influenced by genetically determined factors like overall growth, changes in proportion of body and brain parts, and mellowing certain tasks like vision and dietary needs. The specific characteristics occur in a particular sequence and within a specific period. The developmental process can be boosted or nurtured by manipulating various events during early childhood, and physical, social, cultural, learning and emotional areas through environmental stimuli (Ashford et al., 2001). The developmental domains should be gazed and grasped carefully to understand the overall growth of the child. This helps in unfolding abilities of each child. Then, accordingly efforts should be made so that, the child is encouraged to learn and evolve. Bringing together all the development aspects, lead to flowering of a child. Holistic development of the child is the integrated approach of nurturing child’s all round developmental progress. Nature emphasises on the innate or inborn characteristics of human being based on the concept of the biology. Nurture emphasises on the modifying the innate features by various environmental stimuli or exposure.

Human biology is the storehouse of diverse possibilities or the potential personality of the individual which can be become splendid, normal or even abnormal by type of experiences available or made available (Pressley & McCormick, 2006, p.4). Most of the recent developmental psychologists accept the fact of bioecological interpretation of human development. The inseparable disposition and complex interaction of ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’ makes the individual unique person with particular set of abilities. Human intelligence is the most fiercely

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