Need An Argumentative Essay On The Importance Of Telephon Consultancy Service Pr

Need an argumentative essay on The importance of telephon consultancy service provided by SOCIAL SUPPORT CENTER in solving social problems in UAE. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

nal (advice, suggestions, or directives that assist the person to respond to personal or situational demands), emotional (empathy, concern, caring, love, and trust) and appraisal (transmission of information in the form of affirmation, feedback and social comparison) (Bilthoven)

Advice through telephone is a common form of social support. Many people in our society need emotional support and that can be achieved using telephonic advices. For example, anxiety and depression are common problems in many people because of the increased commitments and such people can seek the support/advice from social workers in order to reduce/eliminate their stress. There are many people in our society who is facing physical and emotional problems which can be tackled up to certain extent through telephonic advices or support. UAE is a country which is facing so many social problems and the people are reluctant to reveal it publicly. When people approaches social support centres directly, their privacy cannot be guaranteed. Such people can seek the assistance of telephonic advices from social centres to solve their problems. This paper briefly explains the telephone consultancy services in UAE in solving social problems.

UAE doctors have recently warned the public that more local women are taking up smoking shisha as part of a worrying new lifestyle trend within the UAE. Dr. Bassam Mahboub has explained that the exact number of women smokers is difficult to know becasue they are smoking at private places ( Solomon et al (1996), after a thorough research have found that social support through telephone calls using ex-smokers is effective in making positive changes in women smoking (Solomon et al, p.379). Women smokers are large in many countries and UAE is also not an exception. Unlike other countries, it is difficult to estimate the number of women smokers in UAE since most of them smoke privately because of their fear of tight social and cultural norms. These female

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