Need An Argumentative Essay On The Impressive Architectural Structure Of The Par

Need an argumentative essay on The Impressive architectural structure of the Parthenon. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The building’s architecture was done by Kallicrates and Iktinos and supervised by Phidias. In this regard, the style incorporated in its design is known as the Doric style. Moreover, the building included other characteristics that are ionic in nature such as the Freize (Stevens, 139). Incidentally, the Freize traversed the inner walls on the upper region as well as the Pedimental statues and along the Metopes that constituted the sculpture that decorated the Parthenon. Evidently, the fascination and remarkable nature of the building is credited with its innovative architectural masterpiece.

From both a lay and informed person’s perspective, the architecture of the Parthenon is synonymously impressive. Greek temples were synonymously constructed with three types of columns. These were the Doric, Corinthian and Ionic. The difference among the orders is evident from the proportions. For example, the Ionic columns were slimmer and taller, while the Doric columns were shorter and thicker. The order were however more distinguishable in terms of the tops of the columns. In this regard, the Ionic tops have the curlicues also known as the volutes, the Corinthian tops were synonymous with acanthus leaves while the Doric tops have the most simplistic design. The Parthenon is constituted by the Ionic and Doric orders (Waddell, 18).

Evidently, the amazing view is accentuated by its positioning on the Acropolis, the columns made of marble emitting power and strength as well as its immense scale (Waddell, 20). However, a deeper insight to its architecture reveals intricate skills that are deserving of praise. Evidently, the entire building has been constructed from a subjective point of basis as opposed to and objective one, Moreover, the building was not constructed to be reflective of mathematical accuracy but an adaptation to the spectators eyes. This is in recognition to the numerous optical refinements that are

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