Need An Argumentative Essay On The Language Of Health Informatic Needs To Be 2 P

Need an argumentative essay on The language of health informatic. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

ts or characteristics of the database includes the ability for it to have a simple decoding formula whereby all parties on the system can easily decode data that are put in the system and use these data in a way and manner that best meets their needs. Again, the data ought to be highly accessible. Accessibility in this case would touch on the need to ensure that the programming is designed at the level and standard of the user’s information technology knowledge. Finally, it is important to structure the database in such a way that even though it can be accessed easily, it cannot be easily penetrated by intruders. That is security should be a key factor.

Database would be found to include among other things, personal data that touches on name, age, gender, religion and insurance information of patient (Gillespie et al, 2009). This is followed with patient profile, which includes data on aspects of the patient daily life including occupation, education, marital status, children, hobbies, worries, needs, patterns and habits (Tune and Salzman, 2012). Furthermore, the database looks at medical history of the patient as well as physical examination and laboratory data. When it comes to these areas, chief complaints, area of present illness, past medical history and medication are clearly spelt out on the database. The database could therefore be said to be an electronic system that makes the identification of the patient easier for the practitioner.

Indeed, it is worth stressing the point that having a database that merely spells out and possesses the characteristics and medical data above is not enough. Rather, these data must be presented and handled in such a way that it represents the best form of utilization for the health practitioner. It is in such regard that the need to have a uniform coding and standardization of the data becomes important. In a multi-facility regional hospital such as this one, data that are uniformly coded in a single system would bring a

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