Need An Argumentative Essay On The Logic Of Suicide Terrorism Needs To Be 1 Page

Need an argumentative essay on The Logic of Suicide Terrorism. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The Hotel Rwanda film is a co-production that focuses on political corruption, genocide and the repercussions of violent behavior. The film stars Don as hotelier Paul, who endeavors to salvage his colleague citizens from the ravage of the Rwandan genocide era. A brief review of the genocide entails that the war originated from the tension between the Hutu and the Tutsi whereby, bribes and other acts of corruption among the politicians were routine. As the political situation worsened in the country, civil wars erupted in the region hence, displacing a large number of families.

On the other hand, Scott McConnell interviews Robert concerning the idea that probed him to write the book. Robert clearly reveals his wealth with the information he had pertaining to terrorism and violence in various parts of the world (Anthony 18). He claims that religion is not to be held accountable for most of the suicide-terrorist attacks. In the dialogue between Robert and the American conservative, Robert also discusses the American and Iraq differences. This shows that suicide-terrorist attacks were quite prone in the Islamic countries and America. Robert notes that in every occasion where a profession has created a suicide-terrorist movement, there is a religious difference between the occupier and the occupied community (Anthony 21).

In conclusion, based on euphemism which is defined as a harmless phrase that substitutes an offensive one, we find that the film title used in this essay is euphemistic. The phrase Hotel Rwanda may mislead one to think that the film is correlated with a hotel in Rwanda while on the contrary. the term refers to the genocide era in Rwanda where many lives were lost due to mass killings.&nbsp.

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