Need An Argumentative Essay On The Name Of The Organizational Event Topic Or Com

Need an argumentative essay on The name of the organizational event, topic or company you choose for this and Power Point. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

It has managed to beat top companies like Apple and IBM after the organization restructuring. In addressing the organization change, the paper uses model and theories to strengthen the company’s organization change analysis. The sustainability of the company has been one of its central concerns since its establishment. Due to effective organization change, Samsung Group has become the largest brand in consumer electronics.

The company is today a multinational conglomerate, with its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea and specifically in Samsung Town. Through the chairmanship of Lee Kun-Hee, Samsung Group managed implement a reform plan, which includes structural overhaul as well as personnel reshuffle. The organization change of the company involves efforts to eliminate any cases of corruption, poor leadership, quality improvement, increased productivity, and increased profitability among other objectives. Other than the personnel reshuffling and the structural overhaul, the company saw Lee Kun-Hee leave his position due to tax evasion changes as well as breach of trust. The organization change also led to the disappearance of the strategic planning office for the company (TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICES). This change contributed to great innovation and inventions in both computer and phone technologies.

Like any other focused business organization, the organization changes in Samsung Group were meant to make the company survive, grow, and boost innovation abilities. The rapid change in the global business environment, changes in consumer preferences, and advancements in technology are some of the key motivators for organization change by Samsung. Changes in business environment and the world in general make it difficult to predict the future, due to the numerous opportunities as well as pitfalls that pass by every moment. Typically, organization change is part of an

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