Need An Argumentative Essay On The Pepsi Ultimate Taste Challenge 2012 Social En

Need an argumentative essay on The Pepsi Ultimate Taste Challenge 2012: Social Enough. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The Ultimate Taste Challenge (UTC) integrated with social media is PBC’s mode of promotion. The promotion targets the urban and lower-share markets in Toronto and Vancouver but the price is not identified (Khurshid et al 1).

Using this campaign, Pepsi Beverages Canada is seeking to popularize its products among the millennials throughout summer. The Ultimate Taste Challenge is aimed at portraying Pepsi as the preferred brand over its rival brands. Even so, Hadley is contemplating assessing whether the social media element of this promotion can become Pepsi’s permanent way of connecting with its consumers even after the summer. According to Pepsi Beverages Canada, millennials are individuals between age 16 and 25. Social media is the best way for companies to reach this segment of customers because it is at the center of their daily interaction. As such, marketers have to capture the features of a product in a clear but informal way. Social media users cherish marketing that appeals to their habits, interests, and connections. These users need a product that is marketed in a trendy way and not in the traditional way that is flat and cannot raise conversation (Khurshid et al 2).

Such marketing needs to use video and picture content especially about the use of the said products. A successful social media promotion should allow users to create online profiles that are customizable. It allows interaction through which the targeted users can share their experiences and thoughts with ease. Social media marketing assessment can be done by observing the changes in the self-professed preferences of their targeted social media users. Product reviews and recommendations by consumers are also possible ways of assessing the impact of social media marketing. Social media marketers can use the real-time feedback of the social media target users to assess the impact of their marketing.

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