Need An Argumentative Essay On The Possibilities Of Progress In International Po

Need an argumentative essay on The Possibilities of Progress in International Politics. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

“The Possibilities of Progress in International Politics”

Therefore, data will be collected from secondary sources. The qualitative research methodology will correspondingly include three approaches of research. These would incorporate the grounded theory, historical research and critical social research approaches. In this regard, grounded theory research approach suggests of a research based on grounded data from secondary sources as well as primary sources. Based on the collected data obtained from the sources, the research approach will lead to the generation of relevant theory to suffice the determined goal of the study. This approach is highly important in the current context, as it would lead to the establishment of relevant theories related to international political conflicts and resolutions (Leavy, 2014).

Another research approach will be used in the study is the historical research approach, wherein the researchers use historical data for conducting the research. These historical data will both be primary and secondary. Primary data will be collected from archaeological evidences and others, while the secondary sources will be collected from several scholarly articles and books (Leavy, 2014). The third approach used in the research study will be the critical social research approach. Through this approach, data collected from social and cultural evidences will be critically analyzed. Applying this approach, the concepts of humanities and social sciences will also be simultaneously used.

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