Need An Argumentative Essay On The Problem Of Turning Of The Arab World Into A K

Need an argumentative essay on The Problem Of Turning Of The Arab World Into A Knowledge Society. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

People within the society should be able to afford it. Access also raises the issue of networks and networking. that for the knowledge to be transmitted to individuals within the society, there must be proper networks. Inevitably, technological factors come into place (Mokyr 1).Presently, the level of intellectual advancement in the Arab world is dawdling, this can be gauged by factors such as the number of books published, the fraction of scientists in the population and percentage of GDP spent on research (Guessoum). The report on Science Research conducted by UNESCO in 2012 reveals that 6000 books were published in 20 Arab countries in comparison to 100,000 published in North America, using equivalent population. Furthermore, the scientific production is also dismal as 41 research papers in comparison to 147 in the world were produced each year per million people. In addition, noted was the spending on both applied and basic research that proved to be quite low.Conversely, in Europe, the policies favor science and research viewing them as valuable tools for driving economic growth while maintaining a competitive pace with giants such as the USA. This is depicted by the policies that have been enacted that encourage innovation-oriented research. More so, the higher education system in European states advocates for learning methods that include the use of technology and are not only properly governed, but also have adequate funding and provide all with equal opportunities and social justice.

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