Need An Argumentative Essay On The Relationship Between Predators And Scavengers

Need an argumentative essay on The Relationship Between Predators and Scavengers. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The issue raised in the story has raised the emotions of the readers. Luna the most loved whale dies in British Columbia waters. The orphaned whale had won the heart of many whale lovers around the world the globe. The appearance of the young killer whale at Nootka had attracted much attention from the media around the world. The whale enjoyed developing relationship with people and played with anything around it including the boats. The close relationship between the whale and the humans was, unfortunately, the cause of its death. The young Luna was killed had been killed by a boats propeller in 2006. Even though the occurrence saddened many people, a few individuals were relieved since the animal’s curious behavior had resulted in number problems that had not yet been resolved. Luna’s playfulness had destroyed many boats creating conflicts with the boat owners. The challenges were difficult to determine by fisheries officers (Henderson, 160-162). Groc was not successful in avoiding emotional response. The writer tried to explain the issues that may have led to the whale being lonely. The writer continued to explain how the whale had struggled to develop a relationship with the human beings. It was desirable for the writer to produce an emotional response with an intention of keeping the reader on the track. The authors desire to look at the issues objectively and equitably were effectively achieved. She explains how the orphaned whale had developed friends and enemies in different measures. Despite the whale struggling to build a relationship with humans, she was killed by the same people that she used to play with.

I totally agree that humans were responsible for the demise of the orphaned Luna, since the whale was discovered.

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