Need An Argumentative Essay On The Relationship Between Titus And His Only Daugh

Need an argumentative essay on The relationship between Titus and his only daughter Lavinia. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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In fact, he seems to be so much pulled into this exercise to the point that he appears rough and obstinate. His ways that are inflexible also alienates him completely from his loved ones. Despite all these, the love between father and daughter is highly regarded and this is exemplified when it emerges that it is only Lavinia that can arouse his father’s gentleness. In addition, the closeness of the two is depicted when Titus returned from battle. Her presence evidently initiated delight in her father prompting him to make her an arousing speech as shown below. Kind Rome… …..lovingly reserved, Lavinia, live, outlive the days of thy father, The happiness of mine age to delight my heart! And fame’s eternal date, for virtues praise! (Titus, I. i, 165-168) In fact from this proclamation of Titus, it can be deduced that the only reason why Titus has been fighting to safeguard Rome is his only daughter Lavinia. Furthermore, the father/daughter mutual love or relationship is exhibited in many ways, although some of them are merely used to help Titus satisfy his own desires. In the beginning of the play specifically in the first act, Titus readily consents to her daughters marriage plans when Saturninus approaches Lavinia saying, “Lavinia will I make my empress……doth this motion delight thee” (Titus I. i, 240-243). In fact, her father accepted right away without consulting his daughter over the matter. By simply reaching or making such a move without the consent of Lavinia, It could easily be read that her father highly respects her best interests and specifically for this reason he wants to see her get married not just soundly, but also highly, even though he preferred Bassianus to Saturninus as his son-in-law. Specifically, to demonstrate fatherly ideals of this relationship may include the dependency of Lavinia on Titus. This is depicted in the last scene where Titus is consoling Lavinia before killing her. This makes Lavinia to feel as any child would when their parents are helping them particularly in the time of need. Still in the scene before her death, both Titus and Lavinia sit whilst Titus is patting her head and eventually wraps his hands around her. This just serves to emphasize close relationship the two had. In addition, in the first act of the play this is depicted when Titus adopted a paternalistic role and arranged the marriage for her daughter (Titus I. i, 290-91). The relationship between Titus and his only daughter Lavinia is also based on agency or convenience. First, it must be understood that it is their father/daughter closeness that attracted a revenge plot on her from Tamora and Aaron. When she is raped and consequently mutilated by Chiron and Demetrius, Titus Andronicus is brimmed with sorrow, overpowered with anger and the desire to avenge. Why Titus killed her only daughter Lavinia Even, though, there was mutual love between Titus Andronicus and his only daughter Lavinia, Titus Andronicus only exploited Lavinia as an object that could help him satisfy or advance his personal desires. In other words, her beauty and virginity were the driving factors in their father/daughter relationship and unexpectedly disappeared when was raped and mutilated.

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