Need An Argumentative Essay On The Resource Management Strategies Medical Treatm

Need an argumentative essay on The Resource Management Strategies: Medical Treatment on Economic Grounds. Needs to be 14 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The UK’s legislation grants a right to self-determination to competent adults. These individuals can consent to or reject any medical intervention or medical treatment, in accordance with this right. Competent adults can exercise this right while taking decisions irrespective of whether such decisions are rational. Consequently, competent patients can exercise this right, even if the outcome is the cessation of their life. Although, competent patients can refuse medical treatment. the UK courts do not permit them to ask for a specific medical treatment. It is the prerogative of the attending physicians to decide upon the medical treatment that would be most appropriate for the patient. The only duty of the physician is to provide an opportunity for the patient to obtain a second opinion. This does not hold good in instances where a competent patient demands life-sustaining treatment. In such instances, the attending physicians have to either provide such treatment or transfer the case to some other physicians. They cannot discontinue life-prolonging treatments, even if they believe that the patient was sure to expire. Any physician, who fails to provide such treatment, will be liable for criminal prosecution. Such physicians will be prosecuted for having violated the provisions of Article 2 ECHR. The English common law provides two rights to patients with regard to the rebuttal of the presumption of life. these are the right to self-determination and the right to dignity of the human body.

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