Need An Argumentative Essay On The Review Of Communication Miracles At Work Need

Need an argumentative essay on The Review of Communication Miracles at Work. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

e guidance from its explanations to the varied problems, the readers are quite likely to acquire new managerial skills which shall further assist them in gaining increased advantages of their working environment. The book emphasizes on one significant aspect, i.e. the personal responsibility for the employees to perform the assigned tasks in an enhanced manner by developing a healthy relationship with people involved in an organization. The book also serves with knowledge regarding the varied communication methods and their corresponding barriers for developing effective communication among the employees of an organization. In this regard, the entire discussion of the book has been divided into nine chapters depicting different perceptions in relation to the importance of improving communication in regular professional activities.

One of the crucial premises which have been set forth in the book is ‘A Great Place to Work’. According to Matthew Gilbert, an organization named Great Place to Work Institute exists invisibly which intends to recognize those ethically sound companies where the employees are satisfied with the prevailing culture in an organization. According to Gilbert (2002), it is this hypothetical company that assists magazines and rating agencies in framing their list of successful employee friendly companies. Based on this assumption, the author intends to explain the concept of ‘A Great Place to Work,’ as the workplace setting where employees are observed to enthusiastically perform activities with trust, pride as well as pleasure. The research conducted by the institute also reveals that employees perform activities efficiently for being satisfied with the job assigned being strongly inspired by the healthy atmosphere developed within the organization.

With reference to the explanation provided in the book, it can be identified that the concept of ‘A Great Place to Work’ was developed by Robert Levering, who has been presented as the

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