Need An Argumentative Essay On The Role Of A Project Manager In All Atages Of A

Need an argumentative essay on The Role of a Project Manager in All Atages of a New Computer Game Development Project. Needs to be 17 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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This research will begin with the statement that a project is a unique attempt at bringing a certain set of outcomes or items within well-specified parameters on time, costs and quality. Given this definition, a project is, therefore, a set of operations aimed at a certain goal. This set of operations can be considered to be a singular event with a distinct selection of activities that lead to a specific result. The planning, organization, coordination, and control of these activities are what is hence termed as project management. There are various kinds of projects that organizations and teams can undertake. The most common classification for business organizations places all projects under two categories. business process and information technology projects. Business process projects are intended to change or introduce a new business process into the organization with a little adjustment the information technology or systems in place while an information technology project may seek to overhaul the existing information technology and replace or upgrade it while still maintaining the structure of business operations that are already running. The ideal purpose of projects is to achieve a measurable goal. As such a project manager is put in charge of this role. He is thus responsible for planning the course of the project, organizing the various resources and activities across the project scope, directing the people who will be in charge of the activities and finally controlling the progress of the project towards its desired end result.

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