Need An Argumentative Essay On The State And International Community Counterterr

Need an argumentative essay on The state and international community counterterrorism response to [insert terrorist group]. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Thus, it is an international threat to both the foreign and local governments that wage war on terror. This factor forces the United States, alongside the international community, to take measures of executing counters to these acts of terror. The countries constitute legal establishments and law enforcement strategies to continue the fight against terrorism.

Al-Qaeda is a militant Islamism organisation founded under the stewardship and overview of Osama bin Laden and Abdullah Yusuf Azzam in the town of Peshawar, based in Pakistan. Its established dates back to the Soviet War in Afghanistan, between august 1988 and late 1989, with is objective of formulation being to assist defeat the Russians (Chaliand & Blin, 2007, p. 67). Over the years, Al Qaeda grew, and today it boasts of the status of a fully pledged multinational army that is stateless. Subsequent to the Soviet War in Afghanistan, the group dispersed. nonetheless, it continued to present its displeasure and opposition to what the leaders of the group considered corrupt and foreign Islamic regimes such as the presence of United Sates in Islamic lands. During its formation, the group had a base in Sudan, but eventually resettled in Afghanistan in 1990, under the patronage of the Taliban militia. The Al Qaeda group merged and established partnerships with several other militant Islamist organizations after its reestablishment that held views and practices similar to its visions (Gerges, 2009, p. 98). Such organizations that it merged with include the Islamic Jihad and the Islamic group of Egypt and the leaders of the group then declared holy war against the United Sates and her allies.

After forming partnerships, the Al-Qaida started establishing its camps throughout the world, recruiting Muslim people into the group and training as well as equipping them with skills for fighting and carrying out the terror

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